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Comprehensive Guide to Football Betting: Winning Strategies for Beginners and Seasoned Bettors

In the modern era, just having a smartphone connected to the internet allows players to entertain themselves in numerous ways. Especially for football enthusiasts, you can place bets anytime and anywhere through convenient betting apps compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. However, this sport also requires a certain understanding of the teams as well as the types of odds offered by the top asian bookmakers. Therefore, it is essential to have the skills to analyze odds and make accurate predictions.

Exploring Quarter Odds and Popular Types of Football Betting

There are various types of odds available in football betting. Let's explore some of the popular ones below:

Asian Handicap

European Odds



Score Bets

Double Chance Bets

Both Teams to Score

What is a Quarter Bet in Football Betting?

This is known as a quarter-ball handicap. This type of bet is present in almost all odds tables provided by online bookmakers today, including the W88 bookmaker.

Understanding Quarter Odds

There will be different odds based on the type of quarter bet mentioned above:

0:0 → Draw no bet

1/4 → Quarter ball handicap

1/2 → Half ball handicap

3/4 → Three-quarter ball handicap

1 → One ball handicap

1 1/4 → One and a quarter ball handicap

1 1/2 → One and a half ball handicap

1 3/4 → One and three-quarter ball handicap

2 → Two ball handicap

Quarter Bet Handicap Rates

If you choose the upper hand (favorite) and the match ends in a draw, you lose half of your bet. If the favorite wins, you win the full bet. Otherwise, you lose everything.

If you choose the lower hand (underdog) and the match ends in a draw, you win half of your bet. If the underdog wins, you win the full bet. If they lose, you lose your entire bet.

Scenarios When Playing Quarter Bets

When choosing a quarter bet and the match ends in a draw, the person who bet on the favorite loses half the bet while the person who bet on the underdog wins half the bet.

If the favorite team wins, betting on them from the beginning results in a significant win. Conversely, betting on the underdog from the start leads to a substantial loss.

If you choose the underdog and they win, you win the full bet. Choosing the favorite in this scenario results in a total loss.

Where to Play Quarter Bets for the Best Payout Rates

The effectiveness of playing quarter bets depends on the choice of bookmaker. When investing in football betting, thorough research about the platform where you intend to invest is crucial. Select a place that offers the highest benefits, including high payout rates and attractive refund policies.

No other platform meets these criteria better than W88, the most reliable and safe uk bookmaker list today.

Why Choose W88?

A branch of the major bookmaker.

Licensed by a large entertainment corporation to operate betting services publicly.

Offers diverse betting options such as sports betting, esports, lottery, casino, fish shooting, 3D games, etc.

Maximum customer data security.

24/7 customer service.

Stable connection.

Smooth server operation.

Eye-catching interface.

Easy-to-navigate and vivid graphics.

Convenient betting app for both iOS and Android.

Solid financial foundation.

Fair payouts.

Quick and easy deposit and withdrawal processes.

Attractive payout rates.

Extremely enticing refund policies.

Dedicated customer support to address queries.

W88 Promotional Programs

When participating in betting at W88, you can enjoy the following attractive promotions:

Upon successful account registration, members receive a free 128K betting credit in their account to experience betting.

A 50% bonus on the first deposit.

A 20% bonus on the second deposit.

Total maximum bonus up to 588K.

Refund rates of 1% and higher for VIP members.

High-value gifts for VIP members.


The quarter bet is a popular handicap type that many bettors apply when wagering. Combining this with advanced odds analysis skills can help you achieve significant profits, hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with valuable insights and strategies to enhance your football betting experience, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned bettor. Happy betting and may you have many successful wagers!


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